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How To Order Playing Cards

  • PLAYING CARD BACK - Under the "Playing Cards" tab in Easy Link select Playing Card Back. Select and drag in the image you want as the "Card Back". Pay attention to the "bleed" and "border warning line". If no "Playing Card Back" is selected, the cards will be returned with a plain white back.
  • FACE CARDS - There are 12 face cards in each deck: 4 King's, 4 Queen's and 4 Jack's. Under the "Playing Cards" tab in Easy Link when you select a face card, you will see displayed 4 cards of the same face value. One for each suit. You can put a separate image in each card or you can use the same image in each card, but each card displayed must have an image placed in it or you will get a blank card returned.
  • JOKER'S - Each deck comes with 4 Joker's. Here you have a choice of placing images in the Joker or not.
  • IMPORTANT - To receive a full deck you must order each face card value plus joker's.